Reusable 11x14 Memo Calender Board

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The Reusable 11x14 Memo Calender Board is a must have addition to any kitchen and is so practical you will wonder how you ever got by without it. It is truely something you never knew you always needed. This metal magnetic dry erase board is the perfect solution for those who just can't seem to find pen and paper. It is also a great eco-firendly alternative to calenders and scraps of paper. Available as a memo pad or reusable calender.

 Product Details

  • made of a sturdy metal, magnetic
  • measures 11x14"
  • available as a calender or memo board

Monogramming Tip

  • Female Initials : (first,LAST,middle)
  • Male Initials: (first,middle,last)
  • Couple's Initials: (female,LAST,male)