Sticky Note Cube - Personalized

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This is cuteness cubed. You many not be able to handle the fabulouness when you use a Personalized Sticky Note Cube from The Cute Kiwi. This is the perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list or anyone with a shopping list. The cube is great for your home or office. It can be completely customized with any of our patterns and color combos. Sticky Note Cubes are printed on four sides and contain 700 sheets. Great for teachers, co-workers, students, bosses, and anyone working it like a boss.

Product Details

• identical printing on all 4 sides

• cube consists of 700 sheets

Monogramming Tip

• Female Initials : (first,LAST,middle)

• Male Initials: (first,middle,last)

• Couple's Initials: (female,LAST,male)